How do you make an Easter basket out of felt?

With some creativity a few basic materials, you can make this fun craft activity for Easter. All you need is some fabric scissors, a hot glue gun and your imagination to help you enjoy the magic of Easter this season. Use a large felt sheet and felt scraps to cut out a large box pattern and the shape of the basket handle. Cut out four corners of the felt basket pattern and and overlap each piece to create a basket shape.Glue each corner to the basket handle to create an oval-shaped basket.

Felt easter decorations Video

How do you make felt Easter eggs?

Making felt Easter eggs is super easy and fun! Make your Easter festive this year by making a few Easter eggs of your own. Firstly, wrap the felt around the Easter egg by making sure to tuck in all the corners. Then, place another piece of felt around the egg in the opposite direction. Lastly, sprinkle the felt with some warm, soapy water, working the wet felt egg in your hands for a few minutes before letting it dry.

How do you make a felt Easter chick?

Take a ball of felt and roll it together into a thick ball using a felting needle until the ball of felt has thickened. Secondly, cut out 3 small triangles of felt for the bird’s beak and sew them onto the thick ball of felt to help create the chick’s face. Lastly, use emroidery thread to tie a double knot in the thread to add the chick’s eyes.

How do you make felt decorations for the branches on an Easter tree?

Cut out the felt into egg shapes and small felt shapes to decorate the felt eggs. Glue on the felt shapes onto the felt eggs with a hot glue gun. Lastly, cut out small holes at the base of the eggs to hang them onto the Easter tree branches. As an alternative, you can also think to create colorful balls of felt by rolling them in your hands to create pom poms to decorate your beautiful Easter tree.

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