Sakré | Felted Autumn / Winter Soaps – 3 Piece Soap Bundle

Our Sakré-scented olive oil soaps are produced from low-acid olive oil using traditional methods. It is formulated with natural ingredients and every stage of its production is handmade.

Each Sakré soap is individually hand covered with felt. For this reason, there may be image differences in handmade soaps. Felt acts as a natural and gentle exfoliant and is antimicrobial. Paraben free.

Package Contain

Weight: 100 g

3 Piece Natural Soap (covered with felt)


Before using your Sakré Felt Soap, leave it overnight in a bowl of hot water. Sakré Felt Soap continues to felt together with the soap bar as you use it. After use, it works best if you wring it out lightly and let it air dry.

Apply by foaming with water, wait 2-3 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. It is suitable for face and body use.

Handmade soaps provide a unique touch to your skin care. After your Sakré Soap is finished, you can continue to use it by adding new soap by removing some of the remaining felt.