How easy is it to make animals with a felting needle?

It is super easy and fun to make a variety of cute animals with a felting needle. All you need is a few basic supplies and watch your craft magic turn into adorable animals. Firstly, create the skeletal structure of the body for your animal of choice with some pipe cleaners. Then, wad your felt into thick balls to coat the outside of the pipe cleaners, weaving it in with your felting needle. The felt fabric will give your animal its body fullness. You can also sew on felt pieces or extra craft parts, such as glass eyes, for the body or face of your animal.

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Which techniques are used to make felt animal craft projects?

Felt animal craft projects can easily be made with readily available off-the-shelf products that you can find basically anywhere. The skeletal structure of your animal craft can be made with a wide range of crafts, such as pipe cleaners, wire, or even foam. Using materials such as a felting needle, tweezers, pliers, or a hole puncher will help you to create the details on your animal craft. For the finishing touch, using felt material for the fur of your animal will give it a more realistic appearance.

Needle felting animals
Felted animals

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